The Most Effective Long Term Solution for Bowel Dysfunction

Our PIE* Bowel Prosthetic Device provides evacuation of waste in patients whose Colon has lost the ability to function properly. Published clinical studies confirm our device effectively performs evacuation for the bowel and is safe for long term use. The result is an improvement in the long-term health and lifestyle of the patient while dramatically reducing hospital confinement and the associated costs for Bowel related issues.

Preparation For Colonoscopy Examination

Everyone at age 50 should begin having colonoscopy examinations. Early detection of colon complications is the surest way in preventing irreversible and/or debilitating conditions. Traditional practices for cleaning the colon in preparation for a colonoscopy require an entire evening of fasting, consuming large quantities of purgative preparations and an entire evening of confinement in or near a restroom. This can be problematic for mobile people. It is nearly impossible for immobile people. Many people are not candidates for these purgative preparations because of acute nausea and cramping. Most will find this approach to be objectionable. A PIE* procedure is confirmed by clinical studies to be a most acceptable alternative to traditional methods for cleaning the colon effectively in preparation for a colonoscopy. The procedure can be administered immediately proceeding the colonoscopy exam. Fasting, nausea, cramps and an evening of confinement will be eliminated with our PIE* Bowel Prosthetic Device.

Routine In-Home Bowel Maintenance

A large number of individuals experience some form or degree of bowel deficiencies. For many, the condition is a permanent one. Recurring hospital and physician visits for bowel related issues can be eliminated with routine, in-home bowel maintenance. Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction (NBD) is a colonic dysfunction resulting from a lack of central nervous control. It is a syndrome commonly observed in individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). Central neurological conditions can also affect those suffering from multiple sclerosis, autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and dementia. Regular evacuation of waste from the colon is critical to providing efficient function and health to all other body organs. Clinical Studies confirm routine PIE* bowel prosthetic maintenance procedures help liberate bowel dysfunctional individuals from home confinement associated with bowel issues. Our PIE* device is easily utilized safely in the privacy of your home with comfort and mobility given the highest priority.

Fecal Impaction Removal

Forty eight hours approaches the limit for which stool should remain in the colon before evacuation. The colon continues to absorb moisture from stool for the length of time it remains. Many medications accelerate the absorption process and will ultimately have an adverse effect on the digestive process. Repeated use of laxatives in higher and higher doses makes the colon less able to respond naturally to the need to have a bowel movement. When stool becomes depleted of moisture it becomes hard and begins forming true concretions referred to as impaction. Impaction forms a blockage of stool movement towards the rectal vault. Some people are prone to impaction because of insufficient diet and fluid intake. Severe impaction is a critical health issue that can require immediate medical attention and could cause death if not treated. Before the introduction of our PIE* device, surgery was the option of choice for the removal of acute impactions. Our PIE* bowel prosthetic device has been proven in institutional settings to remove the highest degree of fecal impactions safely from the colon. The high risk and costs associated with colon surgery should not be an option for impaction removal in most cases. Our PIE* bowel prosthetic device is the effective choice of options.