Providing A Corrective Solution for Patients with Bowel Dysfunction

PIE* Therapy facilitates the elimination of waste in patients whose colon has lost its ability to function properly. Published clinical studies have verified that our device effectively performs this function for the bowel. The result is an improvement in the long-term health and lifestyle of the patient while dramatically reducing the need for hospitalization stays and the associated costs.

Colonoscopy Exam Prep

A colonoscopy exam allows your doctor to screen for polyps, lesions and colon cancer. To effectively examine the colon, it must be free of waste and debris. Oral medications are widely prescribed to clear the colon for the procedure, however, many people are not candidates for these prescriptions due to health and mobility concerns while others find use of this type medication objectionable. PIE* Therapy can be administered immediately proceeding the colonoscopy exam to comfortably and effectively prepare for this necessary screening.

Home Bowel Therapy

Paraplegia, spinal cord injuries, neurogenic bowel, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and many more medical conditions can leave people with bowels that do not work well or at all. Routine sessions with PIE* Therapies can help liberate these individuals from the confines associated with bowel dysfunction. PIE* Therapy can be easily administered in the privacy of your home with your comfort, safety and mobility taken into consideration.

Fecal Impaction Removal

Your medical professional will be familiar with the causes fecal impactions. Extended use of laxatives, narcotics and many other medications cause dried and hardened stool blocking the passage of the colon. In some cases, the blockage is so severe surgery seems to be the only option. PIE* Therapy provides a safe and effective alternative and is proven to break up and evacuate fecal impactions without the risk of surgery.