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Bowel Dysfunction

One of the colon’s main functions is to absorb moisture containing minerals and nutrients into the body. When stool remains in the colon too long, nutrient containing moisture become depleted. At that stage, stool becomes dry and hardened. Toxic elements may be absorbed into the blood stream from the dried stool placing extraordinary stress on other internal organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and appendix. The health of other organs within the body rely on regular evacuation of waste from the body. Many adverse health conditions are precipitated by bowel dysfunction. Bowel dysfunction may appear in otherwise healthy individuals. Numerous medical conditions exist, including paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, brain injury, spinal injury and immobilization related to advanced age. These diseases and injuries prevent an individual from eliminating fecal waste on a regular basis as nature intended. Bowel dysfunction most often leads to other associated health complications, many of which  require hospital confinement. Bowel dysfunction most often results in a complicated and more restrictive lifestyle.


A Corrective Solution for Bowel Dysfunction

P.I.E. Medical, LLC provides a final solution for most people who suffer complications associated with bowel dysfunction. The PIE* device efficiently provides evacuation of waste from the colon that has lost its ability to evacuate naturally. Published clinical studies confirm that this process effectively provides function for the bowel, is safe for long term use,  improves long term health, dramatically reduces hospital confinement and associated cost and provides freedom for bowel dysfunctional individuals.

The PIE* BP Trolley System provides timed-pulsed, body temperature tap water under low pressure into the colon ,  irrigating  solid or dried feces to a semi-liquid form for natural gravity evacuation. The PIE* Device has the capability of irrigating and evacuating stool from the entire colon to the cecum,  the point where the small intestines empty into the colon. The PIE* procedure is effective, comfortable and safe while providing multiple benefits for bowel conditioning and maintenance as follows:

  • Stimulation for autonomic peristaltic activity in the bowel wall muscles precipitating movement of stool to the rectal vault area for evacuation. (Published case studies provide evidence that regular use of PIE* technology has eliminated chronic constipation, chronic incontinence and fecal impaction.)
  • Restorative qualities to a normal bowel function by regular use of PIE* technology through the process of stimulating and exercising the bowel wall muscles.
  • Reduction or elimination, in most cases, of urinary tract infections for the bowel dysfunctional patient.

About Us

The roots of P.I.E. Medical were established in 1986 by our founder, Roy Abell. As a quadriplegic, Roy struggled daily with routine bowel management practices. Roy became excessively annoyed with inconsistent, ineffective and time-consuming Bowel Evacuation results. Armed with a sharp analytical process but an unresponsive body, Roy was inspired to develop a  comfortable and reliable Bowel evacuation technique for in-home use that would be mobile and did not require dedicated water supplies or dedicated drains.. He gave it the name PIE*. PIE is the initials for Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation. PIE* is the only therapy of its kind to feature pulsing water that effectively irrigates the stool into semi-liquid form and evacuates it into a mobile closed system for disposal into a traditional toilet.  Roy’s vision years ago has enabled PIE* Medical to liberate many from home confinement and improve the quality of life for individuals all over the country who had previously struggled to attain a reliable bowel evacuation program.

We thank you for your interest in our Device. Please contact us regarding your questions about Bowel conditions, Bowel health care and our products  . P.I.E. Medical looks forward to partnering with you to provide a more healthy and free lifestyle.